Albany A/C Tuneups

Each year, we visit Albany homeowners whose A/C system has failed on one of the first sweltering days of the season. In most cases, these failures could have been avoided if the unit received a routine A/C tuneup. There are so many advantages of scheduling an A/C tuneup. See a few of them below. Also, check out our A/C System protection plans to make maintenance a regular event.

Guard Against Summertime Breakdowns

The expert technicians at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning Albany are trained to identify potential problems as they clean and inspect your system. By addressing any concerns in the early stages, you can often prevent system failure and avoid discomfort when the weather becomes intolerably hot.

Improve Energy Efficiency

A/C systems lose efficiency over time. Not only does an A/C tuneup help to protect you against unexpected breakdowns, but it also keeps your system in top shape. A healthy system it requires less energy to cool your home and can ultimately reduce your monthly energy bill.

Protect Your Manufacturer’s Warranty

Even if you don’t realize it, many air conditioning systems require professional inspections and maintenance in order to sustain the warranty. So, when it comes to your A/C servicing, make sure your unit is kept in top shape by hiring the professionals at One Hour Albany to conduct your annual tuneup.

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